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At UniHay, we work hard to link students, recent graduates, and qualified applicants with relevant jobs that align with their career objectives as well as with useful resources that empower and train individuals who are ready to enter the workforce.

With our two-week internship training programmes and help locating paid job opportunities, we help talented people who are having trouble finding employment.

We work with UK and international students and graduates who are currently enrolled in academic programmes or who have just graduated from UK-based academic institutions.


Internship Training Programme

We understand how difficult it is to find the right job, especially when you lack the necessary experience for the position you desire. Our goal is to help you with our two-week internship training programme which provides each participant with the knowledge and experience necessary to excel in their chosen field.

Assisting Students and Graduates find paid job opportunities

After successful completion of our two-week internship training programme, We will assist you in finding paid job opportunities with well-known companies and startups that can further your professional aspirations.

On The Job Training

To make sure all of our applicants meet the standards of our business partners’ company’s requirements, we offer on-the-job training to our interns who have been placed in paid job roles.

Our goal is to place more students and graduates into paid positions.

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Are You Currently Experiencing Difficulty Finding Work?

Our current Internship Training Programme will give you the necessary hands-on experience to help you advance your knowledge and expertise in these specific fields:



Our amazing staff have over 25 years of experience combined together working with unemployed students and graduates.


Worldwide countries UniHay works with to place international students into paid job opportunities.


UniHay assist many students and graduates in landing their dream job.


I took part in the Marketing Internship Training Programme, I gained hands-on experience in the marketing sector and gained knowledge that wasn’t taught in my degree.

― Sultana, Graduate

Hult International Business School

I am so happy that I joined the Legal Internship Training Programme, This has helped me gain as much experience as I will need to progress with my career as a lawyer. I have now been offered a Training Contract opportunity with a great law firm.

― Megan, Graduate

Liverpool University

Some Of The Companies Where Our Interns Have Worked!

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